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Overview: building through experience
company overview
"we are dedicated to the cutting edge, we rethink everything from the ground up and define innovation in our products, services, and ideas..."


Prolegic Enterprises began as an internet based company started in April of 2007, which initially built an effective model of operating local informational websites to serve college communities ( and Through the development of our unique systems, we have extended our operations into a nationwide network of these local informational websites, as well as web services to small businesses and online promotions.

What sets Prolegic websites apart is that we create an online community of users and information about student rentals, roommates, which then acts as an advertising medium for businesses not only in the local community, but also across the nation. By doing this, we build online information centers which connect a wide array of members from the community, as well as the nation and allows them to engage with the highly sought after market for students. The connections built through our websites allow us to extend our web services to our local and national advertising partners, allowing us to assist potentially millions of businesses in their transition to the information age. Finally, our advertising mediums then allow those businesses to market themselves locally and across the nation, providing an opportunity for both parties to experience viral, exponential growth in both customers and income.

Our current projects include our national college renting website, which will replace our current local campus websites and provides our users with a hub to network our local campus websites. This hub will help build our user base by allowing us to reach more users at the national level, as well as serve our clients better by allowing them to access an expansive network of over 750 college campuses nationwide.