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Mission: pursuing the creative solution
our mission
"creative solutions are what allow ordinary people to become heroes, they make the impossible possible, the canít happen, happen..."


Prolegic Enterprisesí mission is to define innovation for the 21st Century. We do this by developing a nationwide network of online informational websites in niche markets, promoting businesses online, and providing businesses with effective and affordable online solutions. Our products and services provide a solution to the lack of information available to a variety market types, as well as the lack of online presence for businesses in those markets. Our core values of persistence and resiliance, as well as our committment to finding creative solutions to any obstacles we face, assure that in all we do, by nature, we do not fail.

Core Values

Persistence Does not Recognize Failure:
We do not believe in failure, we see an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and utilize those lessons in order to achieve success in our next venture.

Prolegic Enterprises is Resiliant:
Our company does not fold under pressure, we believe in our mission and will never stop trying to see it through no matter what the circumstances.

Prolegic Definition of the Creative Solution:
A creative solution is more than just a way to solve a problem. Creative solutions break down the barriers between what can and canít be done, they allow you to create your own reality, they put you in charge of what is and isnít possible, and to overcome any obstacles which may stand in your way. Creative solutions test your faith, will, and belief, they require you to follow your dream untill the very edge, then, at the last minute, bring you the deliverance that is the fruit of your labor.